Process and Development

     At VATIO we focus on utilising membrane technology from overseas and combine it with our experience and expertise to make it applicable for Thailand and countries in Asia.
     The world is constantly changing and technology is advancing faster than ever before. That’s why we develop our solutions through R&D.

Here is the steps we take to solve your problems.

1. Listen and define the problem.
     We understand that sometimes engineering can go very technical and things get very, very complicated. This leads way beyond the simple stuff like you telling us what your problem is and us trying to solve it for you. That’s why we’ve designed our company to listen.

2. Study and develop solutions through research and development.
     We study your problem, brainstorm our ideas, and look through journals to find the best possible solutions to your problem. If it is completely new, we devise a pilot test.

3. Deliver our solution.
     We present you with our best solution. Whether it is a scale up version of the pilot unit or meeting your specification and needs. Our only goal is to solve your problem in the most economical and efficient way.





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05 February 2016

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