How can our products be applied?
Gas Control

- CO2 Removal
A common cause of the high conductivity is dissolved carbon dioxide. Membrane contactors provide a clean, maintenance free method to remove carbon dioxide from water without any chemical pH adjustment. EDI and CDI systems produce higher quality water if the CO2 has been removed upstream. It can also be used to remove carbon dioxide from water in front of ion exchange beds. CO2 in the water places an excess load on ion exchange beds requiring more frequent chemical regeneration to take place. There is a cost savings and environmental benefit when using Liqui-Cel® Contactors instead of chemicals to remove carbon dioxide from water.
- O2 Removal
Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactors are used around the world for deoxygenation of water and other liquids. Oxygen (O2) negatively impacts many processes. It is corrosive, it can impact product shelf life and it can cause low product yields. Liqui-Cel® Contactors offer easy-to-operate, modular solutions for degassing and oxygen (O2) removal from water without chemicals and without large vacuum towers or deaerators. The major O2 removal application for Liqui-Cel are Boiler Feed Water Deaerators and Beverage and Food Processing applications.
- Ammonia Removal
Transmembrane Chemisorption (TMCS) with membrane contactors is an alternative solution for removing and recovering ammonia from wastewater. In the TMCS process, ammonia is stripped from the wastewater and converted to ammonium salt in a single process step. Depending on operating conditions, this technique can remove up to 95% of the free ammonia. 
- Biogas enrichment process
To increase the methane content in biogas with the safe membrane processing, which could achieve the methane concentration quality upto 98%.

To increase the methane content in biogas with the safe membrane processing, which could achieve the methane concentration quality upto 98%.   

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Wastewater Recycling using Membrane Bioreactor Technology
    Membrane Bioreactor systems offer several operational and economic advantages compared to conventional wastewater treatment plants. MBR systems eliminate the need for secondary clarifiers and tertiary treatment. This allows for increased performance delivering high quality water with reduced waste water discharge at a smaller footprint.

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Membrane Technology
    By focusing and doing only a few things, we could simplify the engineering design for our water purification processes including Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis and Electro-Deionization to suit every needs.

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Machine for Juice and Syrup Purification

Our sheet filter and leaf filter can offer complete control in product polishing ranging from microorganism reduction to product colour requirements. 

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Chemical for Operation

VATIO’s antiscalants is designed to significantly reduce scale formulation and fouling in membrane systems. The antiscalants are suitable and effectively used in a range of feedwater sources, including brackish, waste and seawater. Excellent results are achieved in membrane separation processes including reverse osmosis and nanofiltration.  

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11 February 2016

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