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Our product and services are categorised into 3 areas.


- Product Supply
Our product include membranes ranging from water treatment membranes (MF, NF, UF and RO) to degas membranes (Liqui-Cel). Additionally, we supply Ion Exchange Resins, Filter Cartridges and Filter Media to suit every customer’s needs.

- Engineering Supply
Innovative solutions for our customers is our goal. We worked hard trying to make engineering as easy as possible. We stripped down existing systems and eliminate the features that does not create any value, this allow us to create a system that is not just cost effective but easy for the customer to use. We provide engineering systems ranging from Water Treatment, Water Recycling, Special Process applications, Membrane Bioreactor and Gas Removal (Liqui-Cel).

- Service Supply
We understand how valuable your time is and how annoying it can be with small issues. That is why we have a fast-moving service team that can quickly rush to the scene and solve your issue within 24 hours. We also provide Mobile Water Treatment Systems, RO Membrane Cleaning and Ion Exchange Resin Regeneration services.


Gas Control in Liquid

Membrane contactors are devices that allow a gaseous phase and a liquid phase to come into direct contact with each other, for the purpose of mass transfer between the phases, without dispersing one phase into the other.


  • Membrane contactors are modular.
  • Membrane contactors contain a greater surface area per unit volume compared to conventional columns.
  • Membrane contactors can use a combination of vacuum and inert gas to create the driving force for mass transfer.


  • Can be operated over a wide range of flowrates.
  • System footprint can be custom designed and modified.
  • Smaller overall system design
  • Ability to achieve dissolved oxygen levels of 1.0 ppb


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Membrane Technology

Membranes are used more and more often for the creation of process water from groundwater, surface water or wastewater. We have a wide range of membrane products ranging from Microfiltration, Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis.

Our Membrane Bioreactor System (V-Biopac) is the combination of a membrane process with a suspended growth bioreactor. It is designed to be used for municipal as well as industrial water treatment.

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Machine for juice and syrup purification

We supply filter press, filter sheet and filter leaf mainly used for juice and syrup purification.

Sheet filter are used in separation processes, specifically in solid/liquid separation using pressure as a driving force. In food and beverage industry, they are commonly used as a polishing filter to remove solids as well as microorganism in sugar syrups.

Filter leaf are applied for the polishing slurries with very low solid content of 1-5% or for coke filtration with a solid concentration of 20-25%.


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Chemical for Operation

Membrane systems requires regular cleaning and maintenance. VATIO products are designed to eliminate scale and reduce fouling in membrane systems, regardless of the feedwater source.


  • Effectively control scales, including calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, iron, colloidal material, silica, and other organic and inorganic contaminants.
  • Compatible with most leading membranes.
  • Reduced need to handle sulfuric or hydrochloric acid
  • Reduced cleaning and maintenance cost
  • Lower operating cost
  • Operate at higher recovery rates due to reduced scale

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11 February 2016

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